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We've scoured the internet to collect the best SVN How Tos, tutorials, videos and reference sites to get your Subversion questions answered quickly and correctly.

SVN Reference Sites

Subversion Command-Line Cheat Sheet 

AddedBytes has created a slick Print-Ready PDF Cheat SHeet for Subversion on the command line. Print this up and tape it to your wall, you'll be glad you did.

Official Subversion Project Website

Join the subversion project, checkout the latest nightly build from source, file a bug report, or just learn more about the project here.

The Subversion Book 

"Version control with Subversion" published by O'Reilly, is the go-to manual for all things subversion, and you can view it online or as a pdf. If you have more advanced configuration needs, or just want to get more familiar with Subversion... RTFM! :-)


A nice little community of SVN users and enthusiasts to help you tackle the tough questions and issues that crop up when using Subversion.

Official Subversion Users Mailing list

Subscribe to the users@ mailing list to keep up with the issues that other users like you are encountering with subversion. To subscribe, send an email to "" or visit the archives hosted on the archives to search for an answer to your question. Or you can also subscribe via Google Groups.

SVN Video Tutorials

Subversion Basics in 5 minutes

This video demonstrates the most basic usage of subversion, such as SVN Checkout, Update, Add, Move, Delete, and Commit. Demo is on a Windows Machine Running TortoiseSVN. Command Line Equivalents are also provided in the demo.

Subversion Branch Merge Tutorial

This Video Tutorial covers the processes and commands to successfully use the SVN Branch and Merge commands. Branching and Merging are essential parts of development projects using version control as it allows you to work on implementing code that may take more than a day to complete without breaking the main development branch for others working on the same project.

In-Depth Look at Basic Subversion Workflow

This 13 minute video provides a more in-depth, example oriented look at how to use basic subversion commands like svn checkout, commit, update, move, add, delete, etc. If you're an absolute beginner with SVN, we recommend you watch this tutorial to get started.

Subversion Best Practices

This quick 7 minute video explains some of the conventions and best practices used when working with subversion. This includes Directory Layout, commit log notes, tips on updating and commiting, and making use of file locking where appropriate.

SVN How To Articles

How To Install Subversion Server On Windows

This is our visual step-by-step guide to getting up and running with a Subversion Server on Windows using the dedicated svnserve server provided by collabnet, as well as basic usage of Subversion Client TortoiseSVN.

Manually Integrate Subversion with Apache On Windows

If you chose not to install Apache along with Subversion, we realize that doesn't mean you don't want to use it. If you need to integrate your new Subversion server with a pre-existing 2.2.x Apache Server, this guide is for you.

How To Install Subversion Server on Mac OS X

Our own visual step-by-step guide to installing and using Subversion Server using svnserve and the basic command-line svn client tools on Mac OS X.

Compile and Install Subversion from Source on Ubuntu and Debian

Short and sweet no-nonsense guide to building and installing Subversion Server and Client binaries from source for Debian-based linux installations. This is especially usefule if you want to work with the latest release of Subversion and your Repo/Package Manager is still using a previous release.

Make svnserve launch on startup on Mac OS X

It wouldn't be very practical to have to remember to manually start svnserve each time your server needs a reboot. To fix this issue, read this tutorial to learn how to create a daemon that launches automatically whenever the server boots using launchd.

Install Subversion Server from MacPorts (SVN v1.6.5)

Installing Subversion Server from Mac Ports will get you Subversion 1.6.5 with just a few simple commands in your terminal. But if you've never heard of MacPorts, chances are you'll need to download and install it first. It's easy, just download the MacPorts .dmg, double-click it and follow the instructions. Once you've installed MacPorts, open a Terminal window (located in the Applications/Utilities Folder) and then follow the instructions in this handy tutorial, then return here and continue with Step Two of our Subversion Server on Mac OS X tutorial.

Install Subversion From Source on Mac OS X (Not for the feint of heart)

You'll want to follow this tutorial if you wish to compile and install Subversion Server from source. You'll most likely only want to do this if you need to integrate with Apache, or are an Xcode Developer. There is a complete tutorial available here. Once you've completed the tutorial on the Apple Developer site, come back here and check out our Mac OS SVN Client Reviews to find the SVN Client that's right for you.

How To: Subversion Basics

Covering basic workflow of working with Subversion such as svn checkout, svn commit, svn update, svn add, etc.

Subversion Workflow: Branch Often

A great explanation for Beginner's on maintaining a clean and healthy trunk by applying the "Branch Often" Workflow Philosophy.

TortoiseSVN Tutorial

TortoiseSVN is recognized as one of the easiest to use Windows SVN Clients, and this tutorial will teach you the basics of Subversion Workflow with one of windows most popular Subversion Clients.

Subversion With Mac OS X Tutorial

This is another great install, and basic usage tutorial for Subversion on Mac OS X.

How To Structure Your Subversion Repository

More of a best practices guide than a tutorial, this author has laid out the ideal Repository Structure and goes into detail on how to effectively manage your subversion repository by using a well-thought out structure within your project.

How To Use Subversion With Eclipse

Eclipse is arguably the most popular open-source Programming IDE available today, and this tutorial from IBM Developer Works covers the install and usage of the Subclipse eclipse Subversion Client Plug-In.

Setting Up Subversion with Visual Studio

If you a developer using Visual Studio and would like to begin using Subversion to manage your VS projects, check out this tutorial which covers both VisualSVN and AnkhSVN plug-ins for Visual Studio.

Subversion Hosting at Assembla

Assembla provides the world's best subversion hosting in the the cloud. Our secure, reliable, and feature-rich subversion hosting is FREE and scalable with integrated task and issue management, social collaboration, and project management tools.