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EasySVN: The Ultimate Subversion Client

EasySVN is a free Subversion client that supports all the standard Subversion operations found in other clients plus unique optional features like "automatic update and commit" that makes file sharing and and team collaboration easy.

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What makes EasySVN unique?

Automatic Update and Commit

EasySVN’s optional automatic update and commit feature converts any Subversion repository into a shared folder. When activated, your local folders will be synchronized with the corresponding repositories so any local changes are committed to the central repository and any changes made by others are updated on your computer.

Checkout from Assembla

EasySVN works with any SVN repository, no matter where it is hosted, but Assembla users can easily access a list of all of their repositories. No URLs or complicated checkouts to deal with. From the list, simply select the repository you want to checkout and your repository files will be be placed into a local folder - all in one step.

Why choose EasySVN over other file sharing services?

EasySVN is not only free but open source. Want to become a contributor? Learn how.

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